Gallery Readings

Gallery Readings begin promptly at 7:30PM and continue to 9:00PM.  Not all participants are guaranteed a reading as gallery attendance can vary.

August 24th  / Gallery Readings

$10 Event

“Gallery Readings” is an opportunity to receive a reading from one of our Mediums here in the Church. The purpose, as all Spiritualist readings are, is to prove the continuity of life. But along with that, Spirit usually brings messages of love and guidance. 

The Mediums for this months Gallery are Rev. Beth Carter CH,CM & Mike Carter. The Carters have been serving Spirit for many years and have served Spiritualist Churches throughout New England as well as Washington State and Florida. 

Please join us for a wonderful evening in communion with the Spirit world in a loving and safe setting. All are welcome.

Please join us on Friday evening at 7:30PM