Scientific Base of Spiritual Practices

Understanding the Scientific Base of Spiritual Practices 

The Portland Spiritualist Church is presenting Understanding the Scientific Base of Spiritual Practices ie how Quantum Theory provides evidence supporting Meditation, Prayer, Healing and Mediumship.

This class will be taught by Gary Mascher – Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy and Master’s in Education

June 9th 10 AM to 3PM at 17 Dunn St. Westbrook, ME.

There will be a break for lunch 12PM- 1PM

The class is $20 in advance.

There will be the option of a light lunch for $5 – also reserved in advance.

Reservation deadline is JUNE 4th. Please call 797-2039 or

Last year a partial presentation of this class was made. This year the entire class is being presented. This class evokes many questions and much discussion. It can also help to explain the application of quantum physics to our spiritual path and our search for continuity of life.

“To Be A Spiritualist is to know Spiritualism as a Science, to accept it as a philosophy, to practice as a religion.”               National Spiritualist   December 1, 1931

Science reinforces the existence of Infinite Intelligence.Science and religion tell the same story of hot  and cold, night and day, good and bad – just differently – one in religious terms and one in scientific.Faith or God you are not protected by. Your Intelligence and enlightenment will protect you. You can be in a Spiritual void because science has constant rapid break through’s.

“Spiritualism is a religious science and a scientific religion, a religious philosophy and philosophical religion.Spiritualism says “I Know”.”               Harrison D. Barrett


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