The Law / Healers in the British Monarchy

My apologies to you all. Last week I referred you to look up The Law by Mary March Baker.  Marie promptly informed me she could not find it on line. Mike searched and he could not locate it. It is in our Spiritualist Manual and in our hymn books as a responsive reading.  Those sources are not readily available to all of you, so here is The Law. Enjoy this and then enjoy and learn about the history of the British Monarchy healers.

The Law

I ask no good where e’er I go

That I have not by service won;

Nor ask that any joy shall flow

Into my life – if it be none

Have given joy. I cannot draw

From empty store. It is The Law.


I hold this true – it is my creed

Within me lies my heaven or hell;

It is by my own thought or deed

I build the home where I must dwell.

A marble mansion- tent of straw-

I am the builder. It is The Law.


My harvest is the yet to be-

Is that which here and now I sow;

I am uplifted and made free

By that of wrong which I out-grow,

If life lines I distorted draw

I must erase them. It is The Law.


 Wear the garments I must wear,

If beggar’s rags- or robe of king.

‘Tis I the warp and woof prepare,

’Tis I alone the shuttle fling.

No one for me can thread withdraw.

Myself alone. It is The Law.


My Savior is the good I’ve done for

this alone my heaven is grown.

My crown, the Love that I have won

And deep within is God enthroned.

I to myself will surely draw that

which is mine. It is The Law.


None questions, but the voice within

And my accuser is the soul;

My judge is that stern discipline

That ever seeks to make me whole.

I cannot from this court withdraw.

I must bear witness. It is The Law.

    Mary March Baker



Healers Amid the British Monarchy


The first recorded Monarch whose touch was claimed to show curative powers was the Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor (1042-1066). His ritual was called “The King’s Evil.” It was the name given to a condition of swollen and discharging tuberculous lymph glands in the neck which is medically called scrofula.

After the Monarch touched the diseased person, they were by his order kept at royal expense until cured. (Could this have been early universal health care??) By the 13th century the royal upkeep was replaced. A coin, most likely a penny, was donated to each patient by the monarch.

The cure was instant, miraculous and without pain. This touching was considered a divine right of king/queens. This came under the category of being a divine right granted by God. This procedure even developed into an elaborate ceremony. One Easter Sunday Louis XIV supposedly touched 1600 persons.

There was a coin called the gold “Angel”. It was used in the healing ceremonies. It came into use in England in 1465, but not used in the ceremony until Henry VIII reigned – 1405-1509. On the coin was the archangel David defeating the dragon. It was the combination of David’s image and the purity of the gold that gave the coin such a sepulchral tone.  This coin would be pierced, threaded with a ribbon, and hung around the patient’s neck to ward off any further disease.  It was a valuable gift.

The practice of using the “Angel” stopped in 1642. Charles I, during the Civil War, used small silver coins. During Cromwell’s period as Lord Protector the healing stopped in England, but those who could went to France to Charles’ exiled son for the ceremony of healing. Charles II brought the ceremony back during his reign. He used foreign gold coins or used coins from previous monarchs. While Charles II was in exile in the Netherlands in the 1650’s he was in great demand for healings. In 1682 it is said he touched 8000 persons healing the blind, those crippled or bedridden. In the rush to get healed quite a number of patients in “line” were trampled to death.

After 1668 James II in exile practiced the healing using silver coins. William III and his wife Mary did no healing ceremonies. William deemed it a “silly superstition.”  But Queen Anne (1702-1714) reintroduced the ceremony complete with gold coins.

The History of Medicine is the history of life and death, and we are all connected to it. Founded in 1518 by King Henry VIII, the Royal College of Physicians has spent over 5 centuries changing medicine and working for patients and doctors. It is their mission to engage, inspire, and entertain people with the history of medicine and the importance of physicians in it.

I found an example of the ceremony. It was a simple form of religious service. Each Monarch ran it a bit differently (as so with our healing services each service is a tad different to give personality). The King or Queen would kneel, and the Chaplain would hear their confession followed with a prayer for their resolution. A Bible verse relative to healing would be read.  The Chaplain and the Clerk of the Closet would kneel with the monarch with the ill individual to the right of the Monarch. The Monarch would reach out and touch the sore spot. Some were known to massage an area.  After all had come forward to be touched the Chaplain would end the service with a prayer.

The whole service was religious. The king or queen was not considered the healer but that he / she had the divine gift due to his or her position as Monarch. They were considered “faith healings”.

We are Spiritualist healers, not kings or queens. We are not allowed to touch below the shoulders during a church service healing. We do have opening, healing and closing prayers. We stand. We do not kneel. (I think a lot of our healers would say thank you, because my knees would not endure it.)

It is good to know healing has always been a gift that was appropriately used.

“And whatsoever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

                                                                                               Matthew 21:22

“They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”   Mark XVI:18



We need to get over the

Questions that focus on

The past and on the pain-

“why did this happen to me?”-

and ask instead the question which

opens doors to the future:

“Now that this has happened,

what shall I do about it.”


Rabbi Harold Kushner


We ask that Infinite Intelligence protect us throughout the week

Keeping us Healthy and Safe from harm. Let each day of this

Coming week be filled with Peace, Love, and Contentment.  Amen


Rev. Beth Carter