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The next Board of Directors Meeting will be on Sunday January 29th at noon


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3rd   at 7:00 pm. Join us for
The Healing Power of Moving Meditation with Joao Bordallo
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Mediumship is not a magic trick done for applause, it is a spiritual endeavor that aims to heal, console, uplift, empower and validate our existence beyond our physical body

Sunday January 29th   at 10:00 am
Our Speaker and Medium will be
Rev. Julie K. Gray
Rev. Julie K. Gray is a southern Maine-based medium, visual artist, and wedding photographer. She is ordained through the City of Light Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY and has studied mediumship since having a near-death incident in 2009. Because of this incident, she has sought to provide proof of the continuity of life and healing to those who seek it. As a clairvoyant and active member of the artistic community, she oftentimes incorporates aura drawings, smoke drawings, and intuitive charcoal drawings into her mediumship work…embracing the connections between the artistic and mediumship processes.


On January 25th we celebrate  Founder’s Day 

The observance of Founders Day honors Andrew Jackson Davis and the founding of the Children’s Progressive Lyceum. The Lyceum was inaugurated at a meeting when he spoke at Dodsworth Hall on January 25th 1863.

Our service is in three parts: 
Healing/Inspirational talk/Proof of Continuity of Life via Messages from Spirit
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We are located at:

573 Main Street, Westbrook

(the Saccarappa Lodge) 

(Our Mailing Address is : PO Box 717, Westbrook, ME 04098

*Take the driveway on the right of the building to the parking lot in back and enter through side door (extra parking in side lot right of driveway)

 call/text (207) 804-0821 

also on Facebook @ “Portland Spiritualist Church

Welcome to the website for the Portland Spiritualist Church.
PSC is an auxiliary of the Maine State Spiritualist Association of Churches and of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.
Our National headquarters is located in Lily Dale, New York. We have been serving the Greater Portland area since 1954 and are currently located in Westbrook, Maine.
Sunday services are hosted weekly 

Join us weekly to immerse yourself in communal joy and the healing comfort of Infinite Intelligence!