History of Spiritualism

A Brief History

Spiritualism is a beautiful Religion whose foundation is based on the nine statements that constitutes our “Declaration of Principles“.  There may be volumes and volumes of information written about Spiritualism; there can be lectures and videos and every kind of information in every kind of media, but its’ core is and always will be The Declaration of Principles.

Margaret and Kate Fox titled

Margaret and Kate Fox

“Modern Spiritualism” had its’ beginnings in March of 1848 in a small  New York State town named Hydesville. Two young girls, Margaret and Kate Fox began communications with a Spirit entity in their home. Through raps that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere, the girls developed a means of communication with a Spirit named Charles Rosna. (Rosna was a peddler who had been murdered and robbed by the previous tenants of the house. It’s assumed that the bones found in the foundation of the house years later were those of Mr. Rosna.) With the assistance and the record keeping of their mother, the girls established through these communications the proof of continuous life.

The investigations of the girls in their own home soon spread out into the public with demonstrations by the “Fox Sisters” throughout the country. They were guided and protected by their sister Leah. Societies and

Kate, Margaret and Leah Fox.

Kate, Margaret and Leah Fox.

organizations began to spring up with the same intention of communicating with those who had passed to the “Summerland”. Over time these groups developed into Churches as the Science and Philosophy imparted by these Spirit loved ones developed into a Religion.

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