Friday Classes

Friday, February 23 @ 7pm
Hands On Dowsing
with Sandy Utterstrom

Join us for a captivating Hands-On Dowsing class on February 23 at 7pm, hosted at the Portland Spiritualist Church. Led by the skilled instructor Sandy Utterstorm, this immersive experience will introduce you to the ancient art of dowsing. Discover the fundamentals of using dowsing rods or pendulums to tap into unseen energies and locate hidden objects or resources.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, this class offers valuable insights and practical techniques in a supportive environment.

Expand your understanding of this fascinating practice and unlock its potential with us!


Our Friday evening classes are intended to help anyone who seeks to develop their mediumship and intuitive abilities. Some evening feature facilitators who help educate attendees in the various practices and arts of modern Spiritualism.

Other evenings may entail demonstrations of mediumship such as our seasonal Spirit Greetings parlor or Messages from Spirit community circles. Regardless of the Friday evening offering, we always seek to hold a warm, welcome, casual space for all to access, tend to and enrich their own intuitive faculties.

As a friendly disclaimer, we’d like to note that not all of our classes are presently-acknowledged as being in alignment with modern Spiritualism. However, we choose to explore certain topics that we fee may positively support the contemporary Spiritualist.

We meet at 573 Main St Westbrook (the Saccarappa Lodge) take driveway on right of building to parking in the back or the upper lot to the right of the driveway and enter via side door. Donations are always welcome and encouraged. All members and identities of the general public also always welcome!