Friday Classes

Friday September 29 @ 6pm
Connect with Spirit: a Seance
with Scottish Medium Graham MacLauren

On Friday, September 29 @ 6pm, Graham MacLauren, a visiting Scottish Medium, is hosting a séance!

Séance come from the French word for “session”, or the word seoir, “to sit”. Over the years, the word has evolved to refer to a gathering of people in attempt to communicate with spirits.

Doors will open at 6:15pm, event begins at 6:30pm and doors will close promptly at 7:00pm after which no admissions will be allowed to ensure an efficient session.
There is a healthy list of additional requests for this unique offering so please be sure to read the attached info-graphics and support us in hosting a safe and comfortable environment for all.

About Graham MacLauren, he is a Scottish Medium who hails from Glasgow. A fall at age 6 revealed his intuitive gifts, leading to encounters with the spirit realm. At 16, a near-death car accident brought a vivid experience of running with his departed dog. Guided by his late grandfather, he embarked on a spiritual path at 22. Graham’s journey led him to become a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, and more. His impactful work earned him the Conan Doyle Award in 2012. Graham’s healing touch shrank a client’s tumor and facilitated a rapid recovery from a breakdown. He sees himself as a conduit, channel and facilitator for spirit and continues to work in gracious servitude to Spiritualist communities around the world.

Graham is available for personal, private readings through October 3rd. Feel free to contact him by calling or texting 207 441 2834.

He will also be our guest speaker, medium at Sunday’s October 1st 10am church service, and will generously host a “Find Your Power Animal” Workshop after service at 12pm.
We look forward to hosting you and friends as we share in the gifts Graham will be sharing with us this weekend!

Friday classes begin at 7pm (unless noted otherwise.)

Our Friday evening classes are intended to help anyone who seeks to develop their mediumship and intuitive abilities. Some evening feature facilitators who help educate attendees in the various practices and arts of modern Spiritualism.

Other evenings may entail demonstrations of mediumship such as our seasonal Spirit Greetings parlor or Messages from Spirit community circles. Regardless of the Friday evening offering, we always seek to hold a warm, welcome, casual space for all to access, tend to and enrich their own intuitive faculties.

As a friendly disclaimer, we’d like to note that not all of our classes are presently-acknowledged as being in alignment with modern Spiritualism. However, we choose to explore certain topics as we feel that they can positively support the Spiritualist path.

We meet at 573 Main St Westbrook (the Saccarappa Lodge) take driveway on right of building to parking in the back or the upper lot to the right of the driveway and enter via side door. You’ll see our signs.

Donations are always welcome and encouraged. All members and identities of the general public also always welcome.