Easter Message

Easter Message from Rev. Beth Carter 

                   EASTER – LIFE HERE AND BEYOND

The Easter season is based on part of the psychic story of Jesus.  Remember, the angel appeared to Mary to tell her of the coming birth of a son. (This was before sonograms/ultrasounds) An angel appeared to Joseph, as well, and to the shepherds and the Magi.  We can be certain all these spirit manifestations were told to Jesus as he was old enough to understand.  We know that Jesus trained with the Rabbi’s and studied the Bible with them.  John, second cousin to Jesus, was a medium who preached and baptized while Jesus was studying. When Jesus went to John for Baptism a dove came down and landed on Jesus as a sign of peace from God.  The first psychic feat Jesus performed was turning water into wine at a wedding, yet when he was hungry from his 40-day bout with Satan in the desert he refused to turn stones into bread.  He helped others – not himself.

Jesus was clairvoyant, clairaudient, a prophet and a healer.  When Jesus first met Simon he perceived his rugged strength of character and said “ye shall be called Cephas. This is a word which meant rock in Aramaic and was equivalent to the Greek word Petros – piece of rock. So Simon became known as Peter the Rock.

Jesus was a great lover of God and man, so as his love increased, so did his mediumship and psychic powers.  There are those who say mediumship and psychic work should be paid for and there are those who say it is a gift from God and should be given.  I think we can find an answer to that quandary in Jesus’ life.  To those who could not pay, it was given freely; from those who could pay, he freely took. He never asked for pay, but he never turned down what was offered.

There was the woman who so desperately needed healing.  She merely touched his robe but the power of the healing energy going from him was immediately felt and he said, “who touched me”? Peter asked how could Jesus know when they were in a large crowd.  He knew because of the power drain he experienced.  He then told the woman to go in good faith, because her faith had made her whole.  And of course there is the story of raising Lazarus from the dead. These were Jesus’ gifts.  He said “Verily, Verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my father.”  Infinite Intelligence is father to us all.

After the death of Jesus’ body, his spirit ascended into heaven.  And so We leave our worn and weary bodies and go to our new spiritual life.  As the funeral goes on here on the earth plane, the spirit is looking about its new home, greeting again loved ones who have gone before. We know our loved ones do touch back with us here on this plane.  We think of them as waiting for us.  We intuitively believe in the immortality of the soul.  If we did not, life would lack meaning, purpose, and Intelligence.  Man, the real man, is birthless, deathless and changeless for God IN man, AS man, IS man.

Immortality is not something we bargain for with Infinite Intelligence. It is not something that is bought and paid for with a credit card or cash.  It is a Gift —- from Heaven. It is a result of the spirit of Infinite Intelligence being within us.

Heaven and Hell. There are no places such as these to which we go when we pass to spirit. They are right here as something we create in our state of consciousness.  If we need a hell in our lives – we create it or we create a heaven.  And we can go back and forth from one to the other because we create them (Let’s see – today I’ll have hell and tomorrow- heaven.  Women call this PMS) When we go to the spirit plane there will be no baggage. We only take our personality. We can lose baggage but not our personality.

If we have lived with the Natural Law of Harmony, so shall we in spirit.  If we have lived otherwise, then so shall we initially in spirit life until we wake up to the facts.

Harmony is unity. Unity is goodness, so is not that heaven?  So why do we not begin enjoying harmony/heaven right here?  How do we do this?  We let our thoughts be harmonious, thoughts of love, kindliness and consideration (what was your last small kind deed for someone? Especially now with Covid-19)  We need to be free of hate.  None of us is perfect. None of us are going to achieve this perfectly each day.  But it is like riding the horse and falling off – just get back on — get back on track.  Take one day at a time.

Nature has provided that when this body is no longer a fit instrument for the soul, the soul will sense its freedom coming because of the spirit within and will sever its connection with this earthly body.  But when it goes, it takes with it everything that makes for the warmth and color of your personality; everything you have loved, everything remembered with affection, because death robs us of nothing.  We should erase the thought of death from our consciousness and when the time comes the experience will be beautiful, glorious and sublime. So it must have been for Jesus.

Now this life is a gateway to a broader spiritual life, but that does not mean this is not a good life.  In fact, this life should be lived to the fullest.  Just think, someday all your questions will be answered, sorrows will cease, pain and limitation will be gone and all problems met.  Think of it this way – the spiritual sun never sets.  And another thing, you do not prepare to meet Infinite Intelligence.  You meet this energy everyday – in the sunrise, a snowflake, a budding crocus.  Every hour you meet Infinite Intelligence.

We do need to understand this fact. Our loved ones in spirit are not at our beck and call. We cannot expect them to come to us whenever we have a reading or a need.  To do so would deny them their liberty. They will come to us at the right time.  Dad came through to me in a Friday night development circle in 1994. He worked through several of the women that night.  He brought to me a time in Hallowell which was a particularly happy time for me, but in meditating on those readings afterwards I realized it was a particularly happy time for Dad with a major turning point soon to come in all our lives.  I think there in spirit he was reminiscing and reviewing that period of his life and wanted to share the experience.  When we do have a need we should call on our own personal guides, teachers, healers, chemists, runners and doorkeepers.

When each of us was born there were loving people who met and cared for us until we could care for ourselves.  By the same token when we enter the spirit life there will be loved ones to meet us.  When my Grandfather Briggs was passing to spirit his last words were to call out to his son Chester on the spirit side.  He greeted Chester and commented on how good he looked. Chester had been in spirit 36 years.  The week after my Dad passed Mary Lou Baumhoff of New Hampshire was serving the Portland Church, but did not know of his passing, yet she brought through my fathers’ mother.  Gram and Dad were on very bad terms during her last years on the earth plane.  She came through to say the wounds were healed.  She obviously had greeted my father.

One warning – do not think when you go to spirit you are going to have a wonderful, lazy retirement. You won’t be inactive.  There will be plenty to do.  In 1985 an English medium, Hilda Martin, gave me a reading and immediately brought in my Grandmother Briggs.  At the end of the reading the medium asked if I would like to know how Gram was spending her time in the Summerland and I said yes.

Gram did not have it easy. She rested first. Then she became involved with young children (2 of hers died at ages 3 & 14) and she was also working with war deaths (Chester died at the age of 19 in WWI in France.) and she was also dealing with those children who had received ill treatment.

In closing let us make a vow to live each day fully with care and love for others in preparation for our eternal home in the Summerland.  What we do or do not do here will affect our activities on the other side.

Benediction: Work like you don’t need the money.

               Love like you’ve never been hurt.

          Dance like nobody’s watching.

      Sing like nobody’s listening.

                      Live like it’s heaven on earth.    Amen

Rev. Beth Carter