Special Events

Join us on FRIDAY DECEMBER 16th at 7:00 pm for our DRUMMING CIRCLE with Faye and Dennis Holmes.
Drumming, even a simple pattern, is a universal language that can be found in nearly every culture and which offers many benefits. Recent medical research shows that drumming can boost the immune system by inducing a relaxed, meditative state that reduces stress and activates a synchronization of both sides of the brain. As we drum, we connect with not only the natural and super-natural worlds, but also with our inner-selves and with each other, in our every-day natural rhythms as endorphins in our brain release feelings of happiness and euphoria. Also, drumming is fun for everyone!
You are welcome to bring your own drum or percussion instrument or choose from our selection. Faye and Dennis will also give a brief teaching on the Drum Circle and introduce their Grandmother Drum, which all are welcome to experience.

Families and Children are welcome! 



(To Be Announced)

Messages from Beyond the Veil

delivered by

Mediums Rose Osborn, Keli Stander, Diane Whiton


Come and find peace, solace, and perhaps answers or guidance from loved ones in spirit.

All are welcome in this supportive environment

Suggested donation of $10 at the door