Sunday Talk

by  Mike Carter

The Placebo Effect

I am sure that everybody knows what the “Placebo Effect” is, but I’m going to explain it anyway. More for me than for you, I think.

The “Placebo Effect” is when someone is made to feel better after taking an inert medication or therapy with the understanding that these actions will make them well. For example: You are suffering from a tension headache and your doctor tells you that the pill he is giving you will take care of the affliction in no time flat. And sure enough, the headache goes away in a flash. Unbeknownst to you, the pill is merely a sugar pill with no medicinal properties at all. It was the doctor’s suggestion that cured the headache. The “Placebo Effect” has always been judged as a subjective event, meaning that there hasn’t been an actual physical cure, but the easing of a condition by the mind.

Several years ago, a doctor doing a study on the effect made a survey of the housekeeping staff in a Las Vegas hotel. She (the doctor) was using the pretense of studying the physical labor that the housekeeping staff was exerting in the job. She took into consideration the lifting, bed making, vacuuming, general cleaning and the act of pushing the cleaning carts around all day. General medical check ups were administered: Weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

After the supposed study was done, the doctor told half of the staff that the work they were doing was equivalent to a strenuous 40-minute workout at a gym every day. She noted to these workers how impressed she was. The other half of the staff were thanked for their participation with no other commentary.

The doctor returned to the hotel several months later to “follow up” on her sham study. The doctor found that the half of the staff she had told were doing such strenuous exercise had gone through some changes. Generally, their weight had gone down. Heart rates and blood pressures were better than when they were tested before. When asked, the workers noted that their lifestyles had not changed at all. The other half of the group had no significant changes in any of these areas.

What makes this study significant in the field of science is that an objective result had come from a suggestion. Physical change had come from a suggestion. This doctor put forth the theory that the placebo effect is not just a subjective thing, but an observable physical result. It’s nice to know that science eventually catches up with Spiritualism.

Spiritualists have always known that living in accordance with Natural Law brings all of us health in body, mind and spirit. We all know that positive thought and the projection of good health results in good health. Every time that we set in a healing chair, we allow our positive thoughts, the healer’s energy and Infinite Intelligence to bring about a physical effect. As we center ourselves, we become open to the suggestions of health that are always available to us from Spirit.

We allow the Natural Law of abundance and receptivity to work with our bodies. The more that we project out, the more that returns.

Perhaps you remember what Jesus said to the leper woman who was healed of leprosy when she touched his robe. Jesus said that “by your faith that you are healed.” He knew that he was but a channel for the Infinite. It was the strength of the Infinite and the faith (positive thought) of the woman that brought about her healing. You can’t get much more objective an event than being cured of leprosy!!

Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking says that the road to wellness is paved in positive thought. When you put out positive energy you get positive back. I think for the most part that it’s the suggestion of wellness that in part brings healing to the body.

When my Mother was alive, she would always ask for a healing from Beth or myself whenever we visited. She would always tell us later of a physical condition eased or eliminated. It was her positive thought and her knowledge that healing would happen that encouraged the event to occur. Mom working with Spirit brought healing energies.

Now, I must be honest with you when I say that I don’t necessarily bathe in positive thought all of the time. I suffer from anxiety attacks and slight bouts of depression. I’ve dug some pretty deep holes!  I know that I don’t necessarily look on the positive side or avail myself of Natural Law all of the time, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t try or that I’m without success when I do. When I am in the positive times; when I’m open to the suggestion of good health, I am in good health.

So, for your health:

  • Project the positive thought of good health.
  • Allow the Law of Abundance to work with you.
  • Always be receptive of the energy offered to you by the Infinite.
  • When seated at a healing chair: Always be receptive of the positive energy being projected to you by the healer at your chair.
  • Focus not on what’s wrong with you, but what’s right.
  • Expect healing and health all of the time.
  • Always listen to medical advice.

Spiritual healing is not a subjective thing. We know the healing power of the Infinite is not just a temporary condition brought on by the power of suggestion. Spiritual healing brings about real, documented, objective results.

  • Tumors have been removed or dissolved.
  • Diseases have been cured.
  • Pain has been eased or even eliminated.

Healing is not just a thing repaired by pill or scalpel. Healing is generated by our minds when we project out positive energies. Healing is supplied to us when we live and vibrate to the frequency of Infinite Intelligence. Soon, science will discover that spiritual healing, true spiritual healing is much, much more that a mere “Placebo Effect”.

Take care of yourselves, be careful, be brave and we will all be together soon.

Mike Carter