Sunday October 1 @ 10a
Graham MacLauren

For our Sunday October 1 service at 10am, we welcome Graham MacLauren!

Graham MacLauren is a Scottish Medium who hails from Glasgow. A fall at age 6 revealed his intuitive gifts, leading to encounters with the spirit realm. At 16, a near-death car accident brought a vivid experience of running with his departed dog. Guided by his late grandfather, he embarked on a spiritual path at 22. Graham’s journey led him to become a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, and more. His impactful work earned him the Conan Doyle Award in 2012. Graham’s healing touch shrank a client’s tumor and facilitated a rapid recovery from a breakdown. He sees himself as a conduit, channel and facilitator for spirit and continues to work in gracious servitude to Spiritualist communities around the world.

After service, Graham will host a workshop titled, “Find Your Power Animal”. In this workshop, Graham will lead us through discussion and exercises intended to help participants identify which creature from the animal kingdom most resonates with our inner spirit. Admission will be by donation and all are welcome!

Services begin at 10:00 am to approximately 11:30 am

Sunday Services at many Spiritualist Churches are carried out in three parts:

The first part of a Sunday Service is the “Healing Service”. There is usually a short healing talk or meditation to help everyone center and raise the healing energies. Assigned healers stand behind chairs in the front of the sanctuary and the public is invited to sit in the healing chair to receive healing for themselves or to be a channel of healing for someone else.

The second part is the lesson, lecture or inspirational talk. The speaker brings a lesson or message that better helps us understand the religion of Spiritualism, the world around us or brings us to a better spiritual place.

The third part is called “Greetings from Spirit”. This is where the “continuity of life” is proven by the Spirit connections brought forward by the Medium. These Spirit contacts constitute the scientific proof that life is a continuous journey and that this plane is but a short learning ground for greater things.

October 8th:
April Sheerin
*Board Meeting after service @ 12pm

October 15th:
Sherwood Denham

October 22:
Message Circle

October 29: