Symbol of Spiritualism

 The Sunflower

“As the Sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun,

 so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of Truth.”

This is the motto of Spiritualism

 -The Sunflower is native to American soil.

            Modern Spiritualism is native to the soil of the United States being born in   Hydesville, NY.

-The Sunflower is transplanted to other soils either by humans or feathered creatures or the four legged variety – such as squirrels.

          Spiritualism has been transplanted to many countries on many continents.

-The Sunflower has a strong stalk which holds up the heavy laden heads.

           Spiritualism has a strong philosophy which teaches all of mankind of our happiness here and               in the here-after when we pass to spirit. It teaches the continuity of life because our spirit lives              on intact with our personality.

-The Sunflower provides a healthy and high energy food for the creatures in nature and for humans, as well.

           Spiritualism provides food for thought regarding our souls and life purpose that we may grow             and flourish while on this plane of existence.  Our Nine Principles expound our teachings                     simply and eloquently.

 -The Sunflower has medicinal value.

          Spiritualism teaches the value of healing our selves and then working with absent healing and              hands on healing to heal others.

 -The Sunflower is magnetic. It attracts all insects because of its special nectar.

           Spiritualism attracts all people who are searching for truth.

 -The Sunflower grows in poor soil in drought conditions without irrigation.

           Spiritualism will grow in poor soil. Despite the challenges of locating an affordable meeting                   site  where members can congregate, lack of money and trained workers of all nature – the                     religion quietly and steadily grows.

 -The Sunflower resists many weed problems that plague other crops.

           Spiritualism resists many false teachings that plague other religions.

 -The Sunflower has long roots that break up packed soil and release nutrients to the soil.

            Spirit Teachers break up false doctrines and release the truth about our future life in messages              received from mediums.

-Sunflowers leave the soil very mellow and easy for future crops.

             Spiritualism prepares the way for future Spiritualist through the Morris Pratt Institute study                 course for commissioned healers, certified mediums, Licentiate  Ministers and Ordained                          Ministers as well as NST’s. We are kept informed through newsletters, online sites, and our                  national magazine, The Summit.

 -Sunflower seeds can arrive free as a GIFT from our feathered friends and squirrels.

             Spiritualist workers give of their gifts freely for we are a volunteer religion without salaried                   ministry.

 -The Sunflower stands tall.

             Spiritualists stand tall and proud of their religion.

 -The Sunflower’s head is formed in a circle.

               Spiritualists teach of the circle of life in the circles we call classes. Healing is in a circle from                   Infinite Intelligence to the healer to the sitter and back to Infinite Intelligence.

 -The Sunflower is used to extract toxic ingredients from the soil.

              Spiritualism teaches about life after the transition called death therefore removing many                        toxic  beliefs regarding the process of our transition from the earth plane to the Summerland,                as well as, our existence in that life experience.

To the Chinese the Sunflower is the symbol of longevity and our religion is long living.

In the August 7th, 2016 Sunday Telegram there was an article on the Sunflower which reveals that the plant is like us and animals in that it has an internal circadian rhythm which directs its activities by time of day or night.

Also the Sunflower cannot be genetically modified.

Rev. Beth Carter

Pastor Portland Spiritualist Church

© 2017 Rev. Beth Carter